Spencer Sundell

Web Developer and weirdo and stuff

Spencer Sundell has been building Web sites since 1994. He says he remembers when the Web was all text, but no one really believes him or understands what gophers have to do with it. Yes folks, he is ancient and wise...which really just means he has a pot belly, smells a little like moth balls, and tells the same weird stories over and over — like the one about making toast with a space heater and a coat hanger, or the other one about kicking Roger Ebert in the head (accidentally, he says).

Anyway, Spencer's site is the proverbial cobbler's child. That's why this page looks so barren and crappy (though it does look better than it did). It may continue to look that way for a while until he gets around to working on it more. But he's really sorry about it, and he swears he'll make shoes for his children real soon now.

Meanwhile, Spencer suggests you might be placated somewhat by visiting his blog.

In closing, he would like to offer the following for consideration (but no, he is not a devotée per se of Mr. Krishnamurti, nor a member of a cult, nor whatever...it's just a true thing to say that is well put).

“You cannot reconcile creativeness with technical achievement. You may be perfect in playing the piano, and not be creative. You may be able to handle color, to put paint on canvas most cleverly, and not be a creative painter...having lost the song, we pursue the singer. We learn from the singer the technique of song, but there is no song; and I say the song is essential, the joy of singing is essential. When the joy is there, the technique can be built up from nothing; you will invent your own technique, you won't have to study elocution or style. When you have, you see, and the very seeing of beauty is an art.”

— Jiddu Krishnamurti