Rational Ajax Dev: “Hijax”

Jeremy Keith has a fine post at his DOMScripting Blog in which he makes a fine argument for (gasp!) retaining some basic sanity while drinking all that yummy Ajax kool-aid going around. He even coins yet another buzz word: Hijax.

It really is all very obvious to anyone who remembers the (shudder) browser wars of the late ’90s. Basically:

  • Plan for Ajax from the start.
  • Implement Ajax at the end.

More specifically, Mr. Keith says:

  1. First, build an old-fashioned website that uses hyperlinks and forms to pass information to the server. The server returns whole new pages with each request.
  2. Now, use JavaScript to intercept those links and form submissions and pass the information via XMLHttpRequest instead. You can then select which parts of the page need to be updated instead of updating the whole page.

I know…pretty radical, huh?

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