MP3 Smorgasbord From WFMU

The WFMU blog is always worth visiting. You never know what amazing treasures you’ll find there, just asking to be downloaded.

Back on Dec. 22, Station Manager Ken posted The Year in MP3s, an extensive listing of posts during 2005 that featured MP3s. You really must find a fat datapipe and spend some time there.

Highlights include but are not limited to: the absolutely must-have Van Morrison’s Contractual Obligation Record, Recordings of Champion Livestock Auctioneers, MP3s of Ice Cream Truck Music, Culture Shock MP3s from Doug, the utterly essential Adventures in the Nurse With Wound List: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4, the borderline-sadistic 21 Variations on “They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haa!”, and The Incorrect Music Companion 2001 (for a good time play Kathy Fire’s ernest “Mother Rage” back to back [as it were] with Wayne’s truly heartfelt “Deep Busom Woman”).

Conspicuously absent from the post (perhaps because it points off-site) is what is perhaps one of the greatest discoveries of the year: an archive of all the Beatles fan club Christmas flexi-discs, complete with repros of the covers! The last two were encoded at unforgiveably low sample rates, but grab ‘em all anyway. My personal favorites are the 1966 and 1967 editions — I think it’s wonderful the Fab 4 were able to overcome their copious drug use during those years to produce such gems. Ahem. …The only thing troubling me is, if these are really all of the Beatles’ xmas records, then what the heck is the MP3 of a mostly-Lennon xmas recording I grabbed a few years back from who knows where, complete with no-further-information? Hmmm…

While you’re there, what with your fat datapipe and all, you should definitely avail yourself of this 1970 TV footage of The Stooges live in Cincinnati. (All 51MB of it.)

And if you’re a real MP3 glutton, make your way to WFMU’s On The Download. I’d respectfully suggest starting with the Black Lodge Singers and the acapella choral rendition of Devo’s “Mongoloid” by Popchor Berlin.

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