‘The Torture Papers’ in The New Yorker

Yep, here’s Spence with another light read. “The Torture Papers” by Jane Mayer, the featured article in the latest issue of The New Yorker, traces the dismaying tale of (now-former) US Navy general counsel Alberto J. Mora and the circular-file fate of his damning 22-page secret memo, which dared to call out the Pentagon for formulating a systematic policy of torture.

The article makes quite it clear that (duh) Rumsfeld and the Cheney Cabal knew exactly what they were doing: implementing a policy of systematic torture. Mora it makes in quite clear that they are criminals in the eyes of duly-enacted and standing US law, their equally tortured “interpretations” of presidential power notwithstanding.

And how’s this for irony? Mora retired from the military in January, 2006. His job now? General counsel for Wal-Mart’s international operations. …Brain…Hurts…

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