Rare Early Tangerine Dream

I keep meaning to post this…

Good ol’ WFMU Blog recently posted a whole bunch of MP3s of early Tangerine Dream recordings that really are worth checking out. I’ve always associated Tangerine Dream with their ultra-pasteurized early-’80s soundtracky stuff (yawn), so I was very pleasantly shocked to discover how experimental and often even plain abstract their earlier stuff sounds. I was then pleasantly surprised some more to learn they’d been at it since the late ’60s! I knew they’d been early but, man, seriously cutting edge — at that time there was very little electronic music of any kind occurring outside of academe. (And no, the neo-theremin on “Good Vibrations” does not count.)

The MP3s include a rip of their very first single, some other released rarities, and some choice selections of early live bootlegs. Grab ‘em all, et bon appetit, mes amis.

One thought on “Rare Early Tangerine Dream

  1. If you’re ever in a vintage magazine shop with late 70s/early 80s copies of Heavy Metal, check out Lou Stathis’ “Muzick” column. I have Lou to thank for first hipping my teenage self to TD, The Residents, Faust, etc — basically a lot of the ground not addressed in serious detail until Julian Cope covered it years later in Krautrocksampler. Not only did he have pretty wigged-out taste, he wrote some very smart and thorough introductions to the stuff. I still have a hankering to go back and look up some of the Italian prog he raved about, which I could never find in those pre-Forced Exposure days.

    BTW next time you see Calimaphone play, ask Benny about The Dream — he’s a huge fan….