Thank you, Stephen Colbert

In case you missed it, witness truthiness in action at Whoops, The Man seems to have taken that one down.  Instead you might try these alternate links for Part 1 and Part 2.

Equally hilarious is the controversy over whether or not this was hilarious.  Based on some of the Letters to Editors I’ve seen in the last few days, seems like most people (at least those who aren’t card-carrying Nazis — hello Mary Matalin, joyless harpie) need a friggin’ laugh track to know what’s funny.

For me, at least, one of the funniest moments was not a Colbert joke but the fact that he was actually booed after cracking, “Thank you, China!  You make our Happy Meals possible.”  What?  Like that’s not completely true??  That the Washington press corps took offense at this really summed something up for me.  As I laughed.  Ruefully.

One thought on “Thank you, Stephen Colbert

  1. c-span has taken down or (intentionally?) miss-linked their comedian Stephen Colbert at White House Correspondents Dinner link as well as pressured You Tube to take the video off their site.