Journal of National Security Law & Policy

The McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific has launched a new quarterly, the Journal of National Security Law and Policy, now in its second issue. For now, at least, they’re posting all articles as PDFs for free download, so if’n you’re interested — and you should be — get on over there.

The journal focuses on “questions of war and terrorism, international relations, democracy, and civil liberties.” While peer-reviewed and faculty edited, its authorial base is broader than might be expected, reaching “across doctrinal lines by involving academics from disciplines other than law, as well as members of the military, intelligence, law enforcement, and civil liberties communities.”
The current issue includes papers from two symposia, one on “Fighting Terrorism with Torture: Where to Draw the Line?” and the second on “Lawyers’ Roles in the War on Terror.” Topics include Abu Ghraib (facetiously titled “‘Just for Fun’”), examinations of the CIA’s current role in torture and of the Military Commissions (“Should Lawyers Participate in Rigged Systems?”), and the ramifications of the notorious 2002 “torture memo” issued by the White House Office of Legal Counsel. See why you should be interested?

The legal aspects of the War on Terror ™ in general, the sweeping reinterpretations (cough) of law and treaty obligations staked out by the Bush Administration, the to-date compliant — nay, the treasonously collaborationist — attitude of Congress, the GOP’s highyl successful packing of the federal judiciary with ideological neanderthals, and the domestic and international implications of it all mean that the Journal of National Security Law & Policy — or at least its focus — is something to pay very close attention to.

And while such journals may sometimes make for dry reading, if you’ve got four neurons to rub together, can read at a freshman collegiate level, and have access to Google for the toughies and tangents you can easily understand this sort of fare.

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