Fire up the broadband, Gertie, it’s 101 versions of “Stairway to Heaven,”  including one that’s a cut-up made from the first 50 versions listed in this post from the ever-lovin’ WFMU Blog.

There’s also a couple obligatory backwards versions, but the best has to be Jeroen Offerman’s spectacular video performance (available here as a 30 second clip, but the entire piece can be seen on the delightful Wholphin DVD that accompanies the 18th issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, where I first saw it).  Practicing for three months, he learned how to sing the song backwards.  The video shows him performing it in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral…but it’s mastered in reverse, so you hear him singing the song forwards as pedestrians traverse the scene backwards.  Lest you doubt, Offerman’s site also offers a 30 second clip of him performing the song live.

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