Spencer Sundell’s Current Position

Web Developer / Technical Producer
Resources Online, Seattle WA

Client-side development and presentation layer integrations, as well as content integration, migration, and site maintenance for .NET web applications and sites using Microsoft-proprietary CMS platforms.  Hand-coded standards compliant cross-browser XHTML and CSS, JavaScript and Ajax authoring (including experience with the jQuery and Prototype libraries), plus Photoshop comp transformation and graphics production.  Occasional forays into middle-tier C#, XSLT, etc. Daily use of version control and Visual Studio. Additional strong expertise in SEO best practices, as well as accessibility requirements and best practices for the US, Britain/Australia, and the European Union.

In general…

I have been building web sites since 1993, and professionally since 1994. My areas of Web and Internet expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Extensive agency experience: Juggling multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines and quality standards.
  • Web authoring: Hand-coded compliant and accessible XHTML and CSS. Photoshop and ImageReady comp transformation and image production.
  • Scripting: JavaScript, DOM, Ajax, DHTML, experience with the jQuery and Prototype/Scriptaculous libraries, accessibly compliant SWF integrations, etc.
  • Programming: Advanced PHP, MySQL, presentation layer-level and some minor middle-tier .NET (C#). Strong background in templated web and e-commerce apps in .NET and other platforms (including Drupal).  Competent with XSLT.  Also, some rusty JSP and classic ASP (VB script) chops, able to “Frankenstein” CGI/Perl and the like.
  • Database development and administration:  DB design and normalization, MySQL, some experience with Micorosoft SQL Server.
  • System & server administration: Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (including custom compiles for all). Also, varying levels of experience with SunOS, Tomcat 5.5, and IIS.
  • Excellent communication skills: Writing, editing, style enforcement for lay and technical audiences.
  • Project & staff management: Experience coordinating working teams of diverse disciplines under tight constraints in a variety of contexts: web production, film & video production, theater, public events and festivals, and concerts.  Experience supervising contingency staff.
  • Multidisciplinary expertise: Research, public relations, film and video production and projection, digital and analog audio engineering in live and studio settings, sound design, music composition and performance, stage managing, performance tech, theater and acting, the humanities, poster design, grant writing, consensus group process, community organizing, making Turkish coffee over an open fire, cooking a good omelet, even walking and chewing gum simultaneously…
  • Fast learner, self-directed, collaborative, deadline driven, quality conscious

Further information…

Should you desire, you may learn more about me by visiting the following points of presence:

  • Spencer Sundell’s current resumé (PDF, 106kb) – as of Summer 2008. Yeah, kinda long.
  • Resources Online – My current employer.
  • POP – My previous employer, Jan. 2004 – Aug. 2008
  • Subliminal Media Inc. – My own company co-founded with Jeong Lee, 2000-2005.  Now defunct, but the site is still active (for now), and includes some nifty streaming video of shorts. Dang!
  • – My online community providing free Web presence for artists, community service, and political stuff. Visit Subliminal Radio for peculiar audio phenomena of a downloadable nature.
  • Spencer Sundell’s online resumé circa 1998 – A 10-year-old time capsule. Egads, this thing is actually written in HTML 3.2. Did people really live like this??